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Dear Staff,

We are finding more ways to listen to feedback from staff across the organization.  One idea we are trying is an anonymous Feedback Form.  This came from the work of the Mission Impact Design Team and a recent gathering of staff who discussed tangible ways to positively affect our organizational culture: Brenda, Clare, Emmanuel, Erick, Kara, Megan, Meredith, Monica, Nicole, Raye, Saundra, and Shela.  Thank you!  And we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback: positive, negative, or just is.

What Should We Know?

As part of a culture of ongoing feedback and learning, staff members have prompted the Leadership Team to create more opportunities for feedback.  CFB’s Leadership Team invites any staff member to share anything you think we should know—positive or negative or neutral!  You can choose whether to include your name, or have your feedback remain anonymous.  Feedback will be reviewed monthly.

*Please do not use this feedback form for emergencies or crises.  Our People & Culture department, Lighthouse Services, and Employee Assistance Program (1-800-227-1060) should be contacted about anything that needs immediate attention and support.

Also, any specific issues about our website, building maintenance, or technology should be sent directly to those teams.

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